Here is a link to the commercial version of Map.js

All you need to do is replace any previous version of the file that you had downloaded with this new file, and the "DX Maptech" branding will be gone from your map.

Or, feel free to remove the branding yourself if you've already started on your own project. If you have reached this page without making a donation, please consider making one here before using my work.

License Terms

You are hereby granted license to freely modify and use the map source code for any purpose, provided that the comment block copyright notices at the top of the JavaScript files remain intact. You may add your own copyright notice for your own content.

You may sell and distribute your own finished product. You may not publish or sell the map in a condition that has not been developed into a new application. i.e. you can't just re-publish my base work. You have to do your own thing!

Don't forget, you also need MapConfig.js as your starting point. Here's a copy of MapConfig.js to get you started.
Here's what a de-branded map looks like!

Email if you have a problem obtaining the de-branded file. This is an UNSUPPORTED license. I cannot help everyone with their project, but I am happy to help anyone who is having trouble downloading and installing the files.


Existing users please read the changelog for updates to your files regarding the "depricated" warnings from Chrome.