This clone of the familiar MineSweeper game is written using only the HTML5 Canvas object. Compliant browsers can run the game without the need of any plugin.

Recommended Browsers
Chrome Firefox IE9

Game Mechanics

The object of the game is to expose all cells on the minefield that do not contain mines.

Click any cell to choose a starting location. Whenever you expose a cell, the number of mines adjacent to that cell is displayed in the cell. If you expose a mine, the game is over. Zeros are displayed as blank cells, and all cells adjacent to a zero are automatically cleared for you.

You must use the information given in the exposed cells to deduce where the mines are hidden. To flag a cell as containing a mine RIGHT CLICK it. To remove a flag, right click again.

Once a numbered cell is touching that exact number of flags, it can be L+R CLICKED to expose all of the adjacent cells to it automatically. Note that the game can be played in browsers such as Opera, but L+R click capability may not be available due to browser limitations.

Source Code

All source code is open license, reuse freely for any purpose. Please cite Questions or comments? EMail