These multiplayer, multitouch games for your TUIO system are available for free download from the Chrome Web Store. They require the use of the TUIO to WebSocket translator program if you have a TUIO-only system. These games are free for private home use. Any distribution or commercial use requires a license.

Quick Start

To start playing these games on your TUIO system do the following:
  1. If it isn't your browser already, get Google Chrome.
  2. For TUIO systems install and run the TUIO to WebSocket touch event server. Watch for network permission requests.
  3. Non-TUIO systems may or may not work. Try running without the translator, if your touches work then you do not need the translator.
  4. Get the free three pack and Concentration Flash from the Chrome Web Store
  5. Check the manual for advanced settings, and read the FAQ if you have questions.
  6. If you are interested in writing your own HTML5+TUIO app, read the technical details about this project, and refer to the basic application with commented JavaScript source.


Concentration Flash

*NEW* 4/12/2013 - TUIO Concentration Flash is a flashcard/memory game where you are shown a set of cards and must memorize their positions. You are then quizzed on each card's location. Plays from 1-6 players on native or TUIO multitouch tables.

Three Pack

You can download three games in one from the Chrome Web Store using this link to the Three Pack. The games accommodate as many as six players around your multitouch table. This package features a main window from which you can launch:
  • Texas Hold'Em
  • Missile Defender
  • Card Golf

This is the launcher for the 3-pack. A flashing TUIO indicator will be seen while the program is waiting for the WebSocket conneciton to complete. Wait for it to stop flashing and then you can interact with the games via multitouch.

Touch and hold in any corner to configure the settings for the 3pack. You can change the WebSocket port there if needed. Your mouse should also function as an input device unless you disable it in the configuration screen. (watch video)

TUIO Texas Hold'em (2-6 players)

Players at each station can use their hand to cover their two cards and the bottoms will "flip up" letting them check the strength of their hole cards. The betting mechanics are standard, no limit tournament rules. You can adjust the blind levels and other settings by doing a touch+hold in any corner.

Computer opponents are available on the initial screen, just touch your "buy in" area again to make the station AI. Don't do any real gambling with this, because I don't guarantee my hand-evaluation algorithm to be 100% correct! (watch video)

TUIO Missile Defender (1-4 players)

Defend your cities against incoming alien missiles. Your left, right, and center cities store the ammo for your countermeasures -- so defend them at any cost. Each time you touch your play area you launch a countermeasure at the incoming missile. Your missiles make larger explosions when you fire closer to the ground, but you get fewer points for hits at low altitudes.

Your ammo is limited in each wave, so don't squander it. As long as at least one of your cities survives they will all be rebuilt between waves. Bonuses are awarded for undestroyed cities and leftover ammo. (watch video)

TUIO Card Golf (2-6 players)

Players try to minimize their score over nine rounds. Each round consists of arranging eight face down cards, flipping three, and then taking turns trying to get matches in your columns. If you don't have a match in a column the cards score face value, but there are some cards worth zero. On your turn, swap out any of your cards with the center card, which becomes the center card for the next person. You can request a random center card once per turn. Once anyone goes all-face-up the remaining players get one more turn.

Detailed instructions are available by touching and holding in a corner. Play against up to five other humans or computer players. (watch video)

Click to Download The Three Pack

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