Other Memorable Games

These games are the remaining contenders for my top 100, but didn't quite make the cut. Some of them are close, and I'm revisiting this list often. These are all memorable and fun games, and I'm sure you'll find a few of your own favorites here.

Title Platform Release Year Game Type
CombatAtari 26001977 multiplayer, multidirectional shooter
Space InvadersAtari 26001980 fixed shooter, wave defense
Donkey KongArcade1981 non-scrolling platformer
Ms. Pac ManArcade1981 maze/area traversal
AsteroidsAtari 26001981 multidirectional shooter
DefenderAtari 26001981 horizontal scrolling shooter
Missile CommandAtari 26001981 projectile defense
Castle WolfensteinApple II1982 adventure stealth/shooter
ChoplifterApple II1982 helicopter hostage rescue
Dig DugArcade1982 area traversal maze/digging
Donkey Kong JrArcade1982 non-scrolling platformer
Q*BertArcade1982 isometric area traversal
ZaxxonArcade1982 isometric fighter craft shooter
CentipedeAtari 26001982 fixed vertical shooter
FroggerAtari 26001982 non-scrolling platformer
Pole PositionAtari 26001982 F1 racing
Dragon's LairArcade1983 interactive cinematic / laser disc
Spy HunterArcade1983 vertical scrolling vehicular combat
Star WarsArcade1983 3d vector graphics space combat
Marble MadnessArcade1984 trackball object guidance, platform
GauntletArcade1985 4p overhead hack-and-slash/dungeon crawl
Duck HuntNES1985 optical light gun / hunting
ExcitebikeNES1985 motocross/racing
Wild GunmanNES1985 optical gun / wild west quickdraw
RampageAracde1986 3 player monster city-destruction
Rolling ThunderAracde1986 side scrolling run-and-gun
CommandoNES1986 overhead shooter
DariusAracde1987 3-screen side scrolling space shooter
RastanAracde1987 side scrolling hack and slash platformer
After BurnerArcade1987 F14 action flight-sim/combat
Elevator ActionNES1987 puzzle-platformer/shooter
The Goonies IINES1987 adventure platformer
Punch Out!!NES1987 boxing/fighting
Bop'n WrestlePC1987 ring exhibition/pro wrestling
Altered BeastArcade1988 1/2p co-op scrolling beat 'em up
Double DragonNES1988 1/2p co-op scrolling beat 'em up
Super Mario Bros. 2NES1988 side scrolling platformer
It Came From The DesertAmiga1989 action adventure / puzzle
Shadow of the BeastAmiga1989 side scrolling platformer
Space Quest IIIAmiga1989 graphic adventure
Hard Drivin'Arcade1989 3D race/stunt driving sim
Super Mario LandGame Boy1989 side scrolling platformer
TetrisGame Boy1989 piece placement puzzle
Ninja GaidenNES1989 platformer
Smash TVAracde1990 1p/2p co-op multidirectional shooter
PaperboyAtari Lynx1990 oblique-view bicycle+delivery
Super Mario Bros. 3NES1990 side scrolling platformer
Kings Quest VPC1990 graphic adventure
Leisure Suit LarryAmiga1991 graphic adventure
S.T.U.N. RunnerAtari Lynx1991 speed bike racing/shooter
XybotsAtari Lynx1991 3D maze, shooter
Metroid IIGame Boy1991 action-adventure
Sim AntPC1991 life simulation (ants)
Super Castlevania IVSuper Nintendo1991 side scrolling platformer
Super Mario WorldSuper Nintendo1991 side scrolling platformer
Mortal KombatAracde1992 2 player fighting
The Addams FamilyPinball1992 pinball machine
Star WarsPinball1992 pinball machine
The Incredible MachinePC1993 Rube Goldberg physics puzzle
X-WingPC1993 space combat
MystPC1994 graphic adventure / puzzle
Duke Nukem 3DPC1996 first person shooter
Symphony of the NightPlay Station1997 platform adventure RPG
Pro PilotPC1998 flight simulator
Crazy TaxiArcade1999 open world driving/racing
Rush 2049N641999 car racing
Quake III ArenaPC1999 arena FPS
C&C Tiberian SunPC1999 overhead realtime strategy
GTA: Vice CityPS22002 open world, 3rd person adventure/shooter
Doom 3PC2004 horror FPS
PainkillerPC2004 first person shooter
Crazy MachinesPC2005 Rube Goldberg physics puzzle
Quake 4PC2005 FPS w/campaign & deathmatch
Call Of Duty 3XBox 3602006 World War II FPS
Mario Kart WiiNintendo Wii2008 3D kart racing
Red Alert 3PC2008 real time strategy
Amnesia The Dark DescentPC2010 survival horror
Super Meat BoyPC2010 level platformer
MinecraftPC2011 sandbox
SanctumPC2011 tower defense + FPS
Space ChemPC2011 programming/chemistry puzzle
The Pinball ArcadePC2012 video pinball, real tables
Primal CarnagePC2012 online humans vs. dinosaurs
Space EngineersPC2013 space sandbox/mining/crafting
GauntletPC2014 multiplayer hack-and-slash/dungeon crawl
Space RunPC2014 tower defense cargo delivery
ToxikkPC2015 arena deathmatch
The Witcher IIIPC2015 open world action/RPG
Planet CoasterPC2016 theme park simulator
Far Cry 5PC2018 open world adventure/FPS
MossPC2018 VR-puzzle-adventure
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderPC2018 action-adventure
Surviving MarsPC2018 offworld city builder
Anno 1800PC2019 city builder RTS

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