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January 2021

Doom Eternal

I finally got around to playing the sequel to 2016's Doom reboot, Doom Eternal, and it was every bit as good as its predecessor. ID Software's IDTech7 engine gives me a consistent 100fps of buttery smooth, 2K demon-slaying graphics on my nearly five year old graphics card, the GTX1070. No other game engine on the market cranks out the kind of graphics, at amazing frame rates, than ID's engine - and it really adds that extra dimension to an incredible game. Doom Eternal finds the Earth invaded by hell's worst, and the Doomslayer has to bring the invading demons to an end using all the traditional weapons in his arsenal, plus a few new ones. The adventure moves from Earth, to other worldly realms, to Mars, and back again. The story is great, the game mechanics are great, and the quality of the title is top-notch. Time to complete the campaign was about 25 hours. Released in 2020, the game can be caught on sale for $20 and I recommend it without hesitation at that price. Doom II, from back in the 90s, is one of my favorites of all time - and the reboots live up to the legend.

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