2016 - So, why did you make this page?

When people ask me about my hobbies and interests I often tell them about board gaming, the touch table that I built, and the games my friends have written. It's nice to have a web page that I can send them to if they want to learn in more detail what the touch table is all about. This page originally started as a jumping off point for a commercial venture into selling completed tables. There was virtually no market for that, so now this page just serves as a place that others can gain insight into one of my hobbies.

2017 - Bill and Chad built a new 4K table!

My friends who write board game conversions have built themselves a new table, and it's a nice one. Bill came up with an enclosure design and had it professionally architected and built. It's very modular and assembles easily, with plywood pieces cut by computer controlled router. The screen is 4K and the games look great! The new table also feautres a PC enclosure, built in underneath in the center of the table. The new PC has a GTX 1060 to drive the high resolution graphics at full color bandwidth.